10+ Times Suga’s Humor Proved He’s Goddamn Genius

It’s true. No one can stop Suga from being hilariously savage.

1. Where will Suga be 10 years from now?

Other members answered “still performing” or “looking after family”. Meanwhile Suga…

Interview Question: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Suga: I’ll be at 33 years of age.


2. What does Suga do before going to bed?

When another member answered “listening to music“, Suga sets him straight.

Suga: No, wouldn’t it be closing your eyes?


3. How does Suga celebrate?

Member: It’s our last show, say something!

Suga: Something.


4. Who’s a bad boy?

When the members say Suga is a heartbreaker, he casually admits to being a bad boy.

Suga: Yeah, I’m a bad boy.


5. Knowing what’s a camel and what’s not.

Member: Is that a real camel?
Suga: Well, it’s not human.


6. Fire, check.

On a TV show that had BTS members cook, Suga calmly puts off the fire set on a wrapper. Then he explains it was all a part of his master plan.

Suga (Pyro Chef): It was not a mistake, it was all a part of the plan.

Suga (Pyro Chef): I wanted some smokey flavor in there.


7. Suga’s philosophy on life.

Suga’s reaction to RM, not towel drying his back after showering. It started a “Why do it?” syndrome among the fans.

Suga: He said it will dry at some point, so why dry it?

Suga: In that case, we all die at some point, so why live?


8. Suga’s method on stretching.

Suga teaches his fans how to stretch throughout the day for a healthy life!

Actually, Suga practices his stretching method everywhere.

A hardcore stretcher.

Always making sure his body is well stretched.


9. Suga’s guide on How to Escape a Zombie Apocalypse.

When attacked by zombies, be a zombie.

While other BTS members screamed and ran around in panic, Suga wrapped himself up in bandages and pretended to be a zombie.



10. How to Use a Waterproof Camera

When Suga realized the camera is waterproof, he couldn’t help but test it out.


11. Just Suga being Suga.

15 Times BTS Suga Was Savage AF