10+ Times TWICE’s Chaeyoung Had Everyone Stunned With Her Red Carpet Visuals

Chaeyoung on the red carpet is a sight to behold!

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is well-known for her innovative and artistic casual fashion, but her visuals are just as eye-catching on the red carpet as well! Here are 10+ times Chaeyoung strutted down the red carpet in the most gorgeous event looks!

1. This red flowy, off-shoulder dress highlights Chaeyoung’s petite frame so well, especially when it’s cinched at the waist with that black belt!


2. Chaeyoung can pull off anything, and this off-shouldered black dress stands testament to that!


3. Chaeyoung stole everyone’s breaths away when she showed up in this floral printed jumpsuit!


4. A whole angel in white!


5. She’s radiant in this yellow dress!


6. Chaeyoung gives off such chic vibes in this black dress! The netted material also adds a sexy allure to her whole look!


7. This red dress on Chaeyoung was a cultural reset!


8. Chaeyoung in black dresses is such an iconic look!


9. She’s exuding such graceful vibes in this gorgeous dress and heels!


10. Chaeyoung is here to grant all your wishes this Christmas!


11. This plaid skirt and jacket outfit is so perfect on her!


12. Chaeyoung seriously rocks all-black looks, and this shiny black suit jacket and shorts look ridiculously good on her!

TWICE is set to release their much-anticipated track “Cry For Me” on December 18.

Watch their performance of the song at the 2020 MAMA here!