10+ Times TWICE’s Dahyun Was An Absolute Stunner On The Red Carpet

Dahyun’s red carpet looks are some of the prettiest ever!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is a total stunner, and her visuals son the red carpet are not talked about enough! Here are 10+ of Dahyun’s prettiest red carpet looks, that will make you fall for her even more!

1. This floral dress looks so pretty on Dahyun!


2. A whole visual queen!


3. Her visuals are totally unreal!


4. Dahyun is serving top-notch visuals in this dress!


5. This polka-dotted dress is perfect for her!


6. Queen of elegant visual vibes!


7. Her sexy visuals in this white dress is everything!


8. A whole cutie!


9. This white dress gives her such a refined edge!


10. She’s such a stunner in this pink dress!


11. Dahyun in floral dresses is a superior concept!


12. Dahyun’s sexy side is everything!


13. Dahyun can make anything look good!


14. Dahyun in white is an amazing concept!


15. Her red carpet looks are all so amazing!


16. Dahyun during her early debut days proves that she’s always had superior visuals!


17. Such a cute dress!


18. White really is her color!