Here Are 10+ Times TWICE’s Dahyun Had Her Colorful Hair Up In Pretty Curls

She boasts such superior visuals in curly hair!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is a gorgeous beauty, and she can honestly slay any color and hairstyle (as she frequently does!) Here are 10+ times Dahyun showed up with her hair in curls, and blew fans away with her curly-haired visuals!

1. Her curly-haired visuals are breathtaking.


2. Dahyun is a pretty woman with curly hair!


3. Her silver curly hair is gorgeous!


4. Beautiful!


5. A whole cutie!


6. This curly-haired ponytail looks so pretty on her!


7. Her blue hair in curls is everything!


8. Her visuals are unreal.


9. She’s so pretty!


10. Her purple hair needs a comeback!


11. What a beauty!


12. Debut era Dahyun was gorgeous!


13. She is such an ethereal beauty!