10+ Times TWICE’s Dahyun Was A Gorgeous Shoulder-Line Queen

Her visuals are unreal!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is a gorgeous visual, and she slays anything she wears! Here are 10+ times Dahyun was a sexy shoulder line queen in the prettiest outfits!

1. She’s a whole beauty in this dress!


2. Visual queen!


3. Dahyun is serving visuals in white!


4. She’s gorgeous!


5. Her red carpet appearances are legendary!


6. Dahyun is a shoulder-line queen in this floral dress!


7. So pretty!


8. She’s an ethereal visual!


9. “Feel Special” era Dahyun is so iconic!

| JYP Entertainment x Naver
| JYP Entertainment x Naver


10. Dahyun looks like a fairytale beauty in this fit!


11. Another one for “Feel Special” era Dahyun!


12. “Fancy” era Dahyun was a whole visual serve!


13. Her visuals are unreal!