10 Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Radiated Hot CEO Vibes In Suits

#3 is stunning 😍

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is so stunning!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although Jeongyeon always looks 100% model material, she’s especially gorgeous when she wears suits!

Here are 10 times Jeongyeon radiated hot, powerful CEO vibes in suits!

1. “Scientist” Jeongyeon will always be iconic

Jeongyeon looks so good in this suit!

2. Pretty in pinstripes

We can practically feel her power radiating through the screen!

3. This white suit is absolutely everything

This gorgeous white suit will go down in history as one of Jeongyeon’s best stage looks!

4. When girl crush meets girl boss

Girl bossing never looked this good!

5. See what we mean about the pinstripes?

She looks so GOOD in pinstripes, and we will never stop talking about it!

6. Welcome to Jeongyeon’s TED Talk

We’ll listen to anything Jeongyeon has to say!

7. She looks beautiful in this pink suit

She’s serving major Elle Woods vibes!

8. Powerful and adorable all at the same time

Her duality is unmatched!

9. She’s definitely supermodel material

Eyes Wide Open Jeongyeon blew our minds!

10. Sexy in a suit and tie

Jeongyeon looks beyond incredible here!



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