10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Lived Up To Her “Black Swan” Nickname In The Prettiest Black Outfits

Mina’s “Black Swan” visuals are seriously coming through here!

TWICE‘s Mina has been lovingly nicknamed “Black Swan” by her fans, and she truly lives up to the name, especially in black outfits! Here are 10+ times Mina showed her “Black Swan” self in all-black outfits, and slayed!

1. She looks gorgeous in this outfit!


2. Sexy Mina has us blessed!


3. Her visuals are unreal!


4. A whole cutie!


5. Mina in suits is so powerful!


6. Mina is the embodiment of the “Black Swan” title!


7. She looks so pretty in these photos!


8. She’s such an elegant, graceful beauty!


9. She’s a graceful beauty even in her casual fashion!


10. This all-black outfit on Mina is so sexy and powerful!


11. She’s killin’ it in this black dress!


12. Mina is so beautiful!


13. Mina absolutely glows in this black dress!


14. Her beauty is incredible!