10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Served Power Visuals In Suits

Mina is such a queen in suits!

TWICE‘s Mina is known for her regal and classy visuals, but she can totally pull of badass suits and serve power visuals, too! Here are 10+ times Mina wore as suit, and impressed fans everywhere with her boss AF visuals!

1. She’s giving off such boss vibes in this suit!


2. Such a visual queen!

| JYP Entertainment


3. She’s so pretty in this blue suit dress!


4. Her casual visuals are gorgeous!


5. She’s serving such powerful visuals!


6. Mina always looks so elegant and graceful!


7. “Fancy” era Mina is iconic!


8. She’s beautiful in this outfit!


9. A classy queen!


10. She looks perfect in blue!


11. Mina’s visuals in this white suit are everything!


12. Her visuals are ethereal.


13. She’s slaying in this suit dress!


14. She’s serving such classy and comfy visuals in her casual suits!


15. Another one for Mina in casuals!


16. Such an elegant queen!