10+ Times TWICE’s Mina Showed Off Her Elegant Beauty In All-White Outfits

Mina just oozes elegance and grace, especially in white!

TWICE‘s Mina is hailed for sophisticated beauty and vibes, and they’re highlighted even more so with her elegant dancing technique! Her visuals are always breathtaking, but she seems to especially shine in white outfits! Here are 10+ times Mina wore a white outfit, and had fans falling for her heavenly visuals!

1. Mina in this white dress is serving angelic visuals!


2. Her visuals in white are superior!


3. Mina in this white gown is an ethereal visual trip!


4. She looks incredible in these photos!


5. She’s an actual angel!


6. This “Born This Way” stage outfit brings out Mina’s sexy side so nicely!


7. Her casual style is top-tier!


8. She’s so pretty!


9. Shoulder-line queen Mina is here to slay!


10. She’s killin’ it in this white dress!


11. Her airport fashion is always on point!


12. “Fancy” era Mina was iconic!


13. This white dress is working for her!


14. Even her casual outfits are super stylish!


15. Her visuals are ethereal in this white dress!


16. Mina’s oozing CEO vibes in this white suit!