10+ Times TWICE’s Momo Was A Sexy Body-Line Queen With Her Unreal Proportions

Momo’s body-line is so pretty!

As the main dancer of TWICE, Momo is noted to have an incredibly toned and lean physique, which is the envy of many! Here are 10+ times Momo showed off her god-tier proportions, and was a total babe!

1. Momo’s casual visuals are gorgeous!


2. Her physique is unreal!


3. Momo is such a visual queen!


4. She looks amazing in this dress!


5. Charismatic queen!


6. Momo’s sexy side is everything!


7. “More and More” era Momo is such a serve!


8. Momo in this minidress is serving only looks!


9. She is a body-line queen!


10. Momo is killin’ it in this dress!


11. Momo in this outfit makes us scream “STEP ON ME”!


12. She’s such a sexy, visual queen!


13. Her abs are ridiculously toned!


14. She’s gorgeous!