10 Times TWICE Momo’s Skinship With Dahyun And Chaeyoung Was Too Cute For Words

She can’t get enough of them ❤️

TWICE‘s Momo is exclusive with the members she touches!

In a recent guest appearance on Radio Star, Momo shared why she doesn’t like skinship with Sana but likes it with the other members, particularly the younger members.

Momo enjoys seeing Chaeyoung‘s reaction to even the slightest touch because of how ticklish she is.

As for Dahyun, Momo loves touching her face because of how flawless it is.

Here are several examples of Momo’s unstoppable skinship with Chaeyoung and Dahyun!


1. When Momo fixed Chaeyoung’s hair and kissed her cheek

2. When Chaeyoung lay on Momo’s lap as they held hands

3. When Momo embraced Chaeyoung

4. When Momo tightly grasped Chaeyoung’s arm

5. When Momo put her arm over Chaeyoung’s shoulder


6. When Momo held Dahyun’s face

7. When Momo and Dahyun rubbed noses…

8. And Momo fixed Dahyun’s hair

9. When Momo held Dahyun’s hand

10. When Momo caressed Dahyun’s face

Every time Momo initiates the skinship, it’s adorable how both Dahyun and Chaeyoung are extremely receptive to it!

Catch Momo’s full explanation of her skinship preferences in the video below.