TWICE’s Sana Claims Momo Changed After The “TT” Era And She’s Not Happy About It

Sana’s disappointed in Momo.

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, TWICE‘s Sana expressed her disappointment in Momo, which she claims began after their “TT” era.

On the show, Sana described herself as someone who shows a lot of physical affection, but she shared that Momo stopped accepting her gestures of affection after the “TT” era.

I show a lot of physical affection, but Momo hates it. It started after ‘TT’.

— Sana

And Momo clarified why that is.

According to Momo, she shows physical affection, but only to those who are younger than her.

I show a lot of physical affection to my ‘dongsaengs’. When they’re the same age or older, I can’t do it.

— Momo

She even shared how she shows her love for Dahyun and Chaeyoung.

Dahyun has nice skin, so I touch her cheeks, and Chaeyoung’s reaction is funny when I touch her. I don’t show much affection to Tzuyu though.

— Momo

On the other hand, Sana has a very unique way of showing her love for fellow members.

Sana lays us down on her lap and cleans our ears. It reminds me of my mom.

— Jihyo

According to Jihyo, Sana even cleaned her ears during the filming of their most recent MV!

All the members may have different ways of expressing their love, but there’s no doubt that there’s endless love within the group.

Check out the full revelation below:

Source: Dispatch