10+ Times TWICE’s Momo Wore The Sweetest Airport Fashion That’ll Make You Weak In The Knees Just By Looking At Her

All of these are her sweetest looks, but #8 is just pure fire.

Since TWICE‘s Momo is one of the lead dancers in the group, and arguably also the best dancer…

…it’s a given that she has a fit body with toned muscles that represent how well she takes care of herself.

Perhaps this is the reason why Momo looks gorgeous, even when she’s wearing casual clothes meant for her airport fashion.

Check out these 10+ pictures of Momo looking like the sweetest girl-next-door and get ready to get weak in the knees just by looking at her.

1. Stylish with a well-kept hair, white shirt and casual blazer

2. Fitted top that shows off her fit body

3. Is she going to the airport…or to a modelling runway?

4. Denim blazer adds an edgy look to her plain white shirt

5. This is what a perfect “girlfriend look” actually looks like

6. Bringing the heat to the summer season

7. A casual sundress for a light, refreshing and breezy trip

8. She’s got legs for days

9. Such a fluffy, white fur top to complete her cozy look

10. Rocker chic Momo reporting for duty

11. Such a cheerleader outfit that’s completed by her bright smile

12. Leave it to Momo to make your heart flutter by wearing a simple checkered coat