10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Showed Her Cute AND Sexy Side In Pretty Chokers

Sana slays the choker look!

TWICE‘s Sana is a whole visual, and is very in tune with both her cute and sexy sides! Here are 10+ times Sana let her sexy side out, and adorned it with the prettiest chokers!

1. Queen of rocking simple chokers!


2. Sana is so pretty with this choker!


3. This rhinestone choker needs a comeback!


4. This buckled choker is so iconic!


5. This look has us soft.


6. She’s a pigtailed cutie in this choker!


7. Sana really owns this choker!


8. Sexy Sana is legendary!


9. This look slaps hard!


10. A whole visual right here!


11. She slays this look!


12. This ribbon choker suits her so much!


13. Blue is a color Sana just owns!


14. She’s a whole sexy-cutie with this choker!


15. This simple choker on her makes her look so badass!


16. She’s slaying this pearl choker!


17. This outfit on Sana is nothing short of iconic!