10+ Times TWICE’s Sana Proved She Had The Prettiest Body-Line Proportions

Sana’s visuals and proportions are crazy!

TWICE‘s Sana is the resident cutie-sexy of her group, and has been noted by fans and netizens everywhere for her pretty body-line! Here are 10+ times Sana was a proportion queen, and had fans raving about how her gorgeous body-line totally stands out!

1. Sana’s body-line is so pretty!


2. Her red carpet appearances are gorgeous!


3. Her casual visuals are amazing!


4. She totally deserves her “sexy-cutie” nickname!


5. She’s beautiful!

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6. Her proportions are unreal!


7. Nobody can pull this costume off better than Sana!


8. Sana in a suit is everything!


9. Sana’s visuals are ridiculously god-tier.


10. Sexy Sana is serving visuals!


11. She’s a living doll!


12. Her body line is unreal!


13. She’s crazy pretty!


14. Sana in this dress is everything!


15. Queen on proportions!