10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Made Jaws Drop With Her Gorgeous Curly-Haired Visuals

Curly hair is definitely a beautiful look on her!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is one gorgeous idol, and she’s always had ONCEs marveling at her beauty! She can pull off any hair color and style, and she does it all with the brightest of smiles! Here are 10+ time Tzuyu sported adorable curly hair, and looked like a visual princess!

1. Tzuyu looks ethereal in curly hair!


2. She looks like a regal princess!


3. Her visuals are always impressive, but damn!


4. Curls are such a good look on her!


5. This curly, wet-haired look is everything!


6. Tzuyu in curls is such an iconic look!


7. Her hair looks amazing with this cut and color!


8. Such a beauty!


9. Tzuyu’s visuals will you starstruck for days!


10. This purple hair was iconic!


11. Tzuyu’s beauty is unreal.


12. Curly hair makes Tzuyu look super “fancy”!


13. Her stylist definitely deserves a raise!