10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Was A Total Stunner In Her Event Looks

Tzuyu in her event looks is everything!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a gorgeous visual, and always makes waves with her visuals whenever fans catch a glimpse of her! Here are 10+ times she proved she’s an actual queen in her event looks, because she slayed every single one of them!

1. Visual queen is really built like that!

2. She absolutely slays black dresses!

3. This pink dress really highlights her lovely visuals!

4. Tzuyu is a bodyline queen in this dress!


5. This floral dress is so cute on her!

6. She’s gorgeous!

7. Her visuals in this pink dress are unreal!

8. So pretty!

9. She looks beautiful in this black dress!

10. Such a chic beauty in this event look!

11. Pink is a color that suits her so well!

12. She’s killin’ it!


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