10+ Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Looked Expensive AF In Outfits So Cheap, Even You Could Afford Them

#4 is unbelievable.

TWICE’s Tzuyu is known for turning heads in luxury outfits from Gucci, Chanel, and more. But the truth is she looks expensive AF no matter what she wears. Here are 11 times she stood out in clothes that cost around $50 USD or less.


Tzuyu looked like the Korean Blair Waldorf in this plaid overall dress from ZARA, which cost just $49.90 USD.


Can you believe this pretty top and skirt combo cost less than $50.00 USD combined? Both from H&M, the skirt was $34.99 USD while the top cost just $9.99 USD.


This Noir Contemporain skirt may look upscale on Tzuyu, but it only cost ₩53,000 KRW (around $45.00 USD)


As hard as it is to believe, this bridesmaid dress that Tzuyu looked like a princess in retails for just ₩25,000 KRW (around $20.00 USD).


Tzuyu caught everyone’s attention in this floral frilled swimsuit from PETRA, and it only cost £43.00 GBP (around $50.00 USD).


This Forever 21 striped linen crop top ($14.90 USD) and wide leg pants ($33.90 USD) combo Tzuyu wore to the Ulsan Summer Festival was so cheap, but it accentuated her tall figure perfectly.


These pops of color certainly turned heads. The crop top from Forever 21 cost £16.00 GBP (around $20.00 USD) while the check mini skirt from Chuu cost $32.00 USD.


This cozy check wrap dress looks like it would set Tzuyu back quite a bit, but in reality, the Common Unique piece only cost ₩32,000 KRW (around $25.00 USD).


This pretty off shoulder top is from LARTIGENT and retails for ₩42,000 KRW (around $35.00 USD).


Tzuyu looked stunning in this Kkamjang Oli tweed and lace dress at the Asia Artist Awards in 2018. The price? Just ₩64,000 KRW (around $50.00 USD).


Last but not least, this lovely lace crochet crop top costs ₩25,600 KRW (around 20.00 USD) from NH Market.