10 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Made You Want To Drop Everything And Run Away With Him

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

It is highly unlikely that MOAs will ever recover from the UWU-pocalypse that is TXT Yeonjun‘s part in the group’s latest track, “Run Away” — yes, we’re talking about that part when he asks MOAs to take his hand and run away with him. He sings, “When tears fill your eyes, come hold my hand and run away with me” and mesmerizes MOAs with his voice, his visual, his pure existence. ICYMI, we’ve put together the 10 times he urged MOAs to drop everything and run away to TXT’s magic island with him.


1. In His Cute-Hoobae Style OOTD

When tears fill your eyes…

— Yeonjun


2. In The Glory Of His Fuzzy Sweater

… come hold my hand tight!

— Yeonjun


3. In That Athletic Bad Boy Look

Give me an answer please.

— Yeonjun


4. In His Most Reassuring Smile Ever

I won’t take no for an answer.

— Yeonjun


5. In That Slytherin Mood

Take me to the magic that is us.

— Yeonjun


6. In His Extra-Extra Sexy Vibe

I don’t, I don’t want to wake up.

— Yeonjun


7. In His Magical Cape

Let us swim in space as two comets.

— Yeonjun


8. In That Trustworthy Good Boy Look

It’s okay, don’t be afraid.

— Yeonjun


9. In Between His Chic And Cheeky

We’ll be together!

— Yeonjun


10. In A V-Neck Of The Century

Run away, run away, run away with me.

— Yeonjun

Source: THEQOO