10+ Tweets About ARMY Moms Fangirling Hard Over BTS’s RM That Will Never Not Be Funny

#10 gives you a sneak peek of your future life as a married ARMY.

BTS‘s leader RM is a self-proclaimed “mama’s boy” and he’s adorably proud of it!



After all, he often posts his cute pictures with his mother on the group’s official Twitter account when he can to show just how much he treasures his mother.

In one occasion, RM even called his mom as “Mrs. Right” — a tribute to one of their songs “Miss Right” where they describe their ideal woman.

Perhaps this is why most moms of ARMYs feel naturally drawn to RM?

His maturity, responsibility and confident personality make him an idol worthy to receive your mom’s seal of approval, after all.


Check out these 10+ tweets of different ARMY moms fangirling over RM and get ready for a whole world of laughter — a perfect list to celebrate Mother’s Day today.

1. “Mom, where’s my graduation photo?”

2. “Mom, what side of the family is he from again?”

3. RM stan found

4. Imagine being close to RM that your mom wants you to bring extra rice to him

5. Always bringing a smile to your mom’s face

6. That’s her favorite

7. I mean…it is big news, right?

8. Her real husband

9. RM is watching you

10. Her real husband, part two

11. That’s very…informative, mother

12. Where’s the lie, though?

13. Cute guy spotted

14. President RM

15. Perfectly acceptable, of course

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