BTS Thought RM Was Just Joking — But When He Revealed His Secret Talent, Every One Was Shook

All of them were shook when RM showed his serious side.

Because of his famous nickname as the “God of Destruction”, sometimes, BTS‘s RM‘s clumsiness makes people forget that he’s actually the group’s serious and dependable person, when he needs to be.

After all, he is the group’s leader, isn’t he?

For example, during one of their games, RM was against J-Hope in a basketball arcade game.

J-Hope was serious in shooting the balls and scoring the points, while RM wanted to entertain the members and be funny, so he wasn’t able to play properly.

The game ended with J-Hope scoring 253 points and RM scoring 62 points.

Before their broadcast ended, RM confessed that he was just playing around to make them laugh. Suga told him to play seriously, so that they know he’s not just bluffing.

And so he did.

Jin and Jimin couldn’t believe their eyes — they were laughing and getting amazed at the same time.

J-Hope and Suga were extremely shocked, too. Earlier, RM scored a total of 62 points, but with the way he kept playing, he was now at 149 points and counting!

The whole group applauded when RM actually beat J-Hope’s highest score. Wow, he really was just playing earlier, wasn’t he?

His total score amounted to 293 points — the highest score in the basketball shooting game.

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