10+ Tweets Of BLINKS Thirsting After BLACKPINK Rosé’s God-Tier Teaser For “Ice Cream”

Queensé is coming for our throats in this comeback!

BLACKPINK Rosé‘s teaser for “Ice Cream” just dropped, and fans are stunned by her visuals!

In her teaser picture, Rosé can be seen in a plaid skirt set and crop top, with her silver hair loose around her shoulders!

With only 3 days to go for the group’s collab with Selena Gomez to drop, the hype has been building with all the teasers being released! Jisoo‘s teaser…

and Jennie‘s teasers dropped a day and a few hours before Rosé’s, respectively, seriously hyping it up for the remaining members!

Here are 10+ tweets of fans seriously thirsting after Rosé’s god-tier teaser, because she’s such a visual queen!

1. Queensé snapped in this teaser!


2. She deserves all the love and praise!


3. Pick your fighter!


4. Rosé’s summer visuals slap hard!


5. She’s channeling her inner Cher from Clueless!




7. Rosé’s coming for our throats in this comeback!


8. Modelsé supremacy!


9. She’s really that queen!


10. Rosé queen!


11. Rosé’s POWER


12. BRB dying over how F I N E she is


13. This line has never had more significance til now


14. Same feels


BLACKPINK recently released their first pre-release single “How You Like That” in June 2020, with “Ice Cream” being the second pre-release single from their first full album titled The Album, set to drop in October of 2020.

“Ice Cream” is set to officially release on August 28 worldwide at midnight EST and 1 PM KST.