BLACKPINK Jennie’s Custom “2024 Met Gala” Dress Took An Insane Amount Of Hours To Create

She spilled the details to VOGUE. 🤯

VOGUE recently went behind the scenes with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie as she got ready for the 2024 Met Gala.

She shared everything from her emotions to her outfit details and shocked fans with some exclusive info!

Jennie discussed the details of her custom piece by Alaia and Pieter and the involvement she and her team had in the process of making the look come to life.

We had different options for colors and details of the dress. There were many options but we picked the one I’m wearing today.

— Jennie

Like the theme of “Garden of Time,” Jennie chose to work with natural colors and fabrics to create a timeless look in line with the theme.

However, the physical details of the dress are the most shocking part.

The Alaia team spent almost 200 hours working on this dress, I heard. Using 13 meters of one fabric, I think.

— Jennie

That’s over a week straight — with no sleep! In the end, the team’s efforts were worth it and left Jennie with an iconic dress for the event.

Watch the full video below.


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