10+ Tweets Of Fans Totally Feeling The Hype For NCT 2020 YearParty

NCT 2020 is coming soon, and fans are seriously anticipating their upcoming comeback!

NCT 2020 is here, and they’ve released their first concept video, titled NCT 2020 YearParty: Resonance Pt.1!

| NCT 2020 YearParty: Resonance Pt.1/ YouTube

Earlier, SM Entertainment announced the launch of NCT 2020, with an album release aimed for the month of October. They also introduced two new members: Shotaro and Sungchan!

Fans are so hyped about NCT 2020, they trended the hashtag #NCT2020_YearParty, making it reach the top of Twitter’s worldwide trends!

So, here are 10+ tweets that show how crazy fans are going for the brand-new NCT content!

1. Me: My bias is-

NCT 2020: NOPE

2. OT23 is coming for our THROATS


4. The NCT family just keeps growing!

5. Top-quality visual serves ONLY

6. The power they hold in just 2 mins is next-level!

7. Me: Who’s the visual in NCT?


8. The possibilities are endless.


10. For NCT, once is never enough.

11. NCTzens are bringing that hype!

12. NCT and their iconic members!

13. Same…same..

14. NCT is killing it!

15. It’s gonna be an iconic comeback!

NCT 2020 is set to release their album titled NCT 2020: Resonance Pt.1 on October 12.

Watch the concept video here!