10 Tweets That Prove Why You Need To Stan MCND Right Now

Will you be stanning MCND?

MCND is an up and coming K-Pop idol group from TOP Media that has been taking the K-Pop scene by storm since the release of their pre-debut song back in January. With each new song release, they have continued to gain fans for their fun personalities and amazing performances. Here are ten Tweets that can help you make your decision to stan these boys today!

1. Fun Introductions

There isn’t a moment of boring with these kids. From hilarious group introductions to just being total crackheads, this is definitely a reason to stan these boys.

2. High Energy

These boys are literal balls of energy with their performances and it’s always entertaining to watch!

3. Dance

Boy, can these boys dance! They’ve learned how to dance in the states before debut and have been perfecting their craft for many years. It’s safe to say that all five members are dancers of the group because of how talented they all are!

4. Talent

While fun personalities and good energy are all important factors of a K-Pop group, it really does come down to talent. These rookies have an amazing presence on stage with the skills to boot!

5. Leadership

A good group also stems from a good leader, and MCND’s Castle J has all the qualities needed to be a strong leader. This pre-debut clip from his dance and vocal academy shows what type of person he is and how started his journey in becoming an idol. His role model is BIG BANG’s G-Dragon and hopes to an idol that is strong in singing, dancing, and rap.

6. Fans

MCND fans are working hard to get their name known to the world because they know just how hard they have worked for this opportunity. By joining this fandom, we can work together to help shine light on the boys’ efforts.


Many people who were fans of Bang Jun Hyuk from the survival program UNDER NINETEEN may have been disappointed that he left the show after episode 12. But, fans are slowly starting to figure out that MCND’s Win is actually Bang Jun Hyuk! If you were a fan of him before, here’s even more of a reason to stan MCND!

8. Mood

These boys have got sass and charisma when it comes to performing and you can FEEL it through the screen!

9. Records

These rookie boys have been hitting records since their debut in February! Their “ICE AGE” music video has already hit over 15M likes!

10. Personalities

Yes they may be crackheads and make us laugh most of the time, but they are truly a loving and caring family that supports each other and their fans!

Who’s stanning them now?