10+ TWICE’s Nayeon Proved Her Superior Visuals In All-White Outfits

White is exactly her color!

TWICE‘s Nayeon is the whole idol package! She can sing, dance, has great variety skills and to top it all off, is super pretty as well! She stands out on stage, rocking a whole bunch of gorgeous outfits, and manages to look good in anything! Here are 10+ times Nayeon wore an all-white outfit, and absolutely slayed!

1. Nayeon suit this color and outfit so much!


2. This outfit is adorable on her!


3. Her beauty is radiant.


4. She’s so pretty, it’s unreal.


5. White really is her color!


6. So pretty!


7. Casual Nayeon is such a cutie!


8. She looks gorgeous!


9. This lace outfit is the prettiest!



10. This outfit looks amazing on Nayeon!


11. She’s got a sexy side too!


12. She looks ethereal!