Here Are 10+ TWICE’s Nayeon Proved She’s Unbelievably Beautiful With Her Doll-Like Visuals

#2 is perfection!

TWICE‘s Nayeon has always managed to captures everyone’s attention with either her charming personality, incredible vocals, and, of course, her stunning visuals! Nayeon has lovely doll-like features such as cute cheeks and round eyes! All-in-all, she’s unbelievably gorgeous!

1. Her complexion is as perfect as a doll!

2. Even her hair is perfect!


3. Nayeon is beautiful from every angel! Just like a doll!


4. Nayeon’s lovely doll-like features make her photogenic in every pictorial!

5. Her unbelievable beauty is always glowing


6. Doesn’t she have the cutest cheeks!

7. She’s effortlessly cute as a doll


8. Nayeon is always dressed up in the cutest clothes!

9. She is the definition of perfection

10. Nayeon has soft visuals like no other


11. Nayeon is so pretty that she can literally pull off any hairstyle!


12. With her natural beauty, Nayeon doesn’t need a lot of make-up, or any make-up at all!

13. Nayeon makes the cutest facial expressions! No matter what she does, she’s adorable

14. Round eyes and the cutest lips

15. Glamorous in black and white

16. Naeyeon has the prettiest eyes


17. Nayeon’s youthful features help add to her doll-like visuals

| JYP Entertainment

18. She’s got the best accessories


19. Sparkly eyes and rosy cheeks!

20. Nayeon’s short hair helped show off her youthful doll-like features


21. There’s not a single flaw in this picture


22. Rosy cheeks are her thing!