Here Are The 10 Types Of Drunks Seen In K-Dramas

How many of these do you recognize?

Something quite common in K-Dramas is drunk characters. A YouTube channel by the name of The Swoon compiled a list of some of the types of drunks seen in K-Dramas. Here’s the full list below!

1. Aegyo: Cuteness Overload

Aegyo, or acting cute, is quite common in K-Dramas, and a lot of characters tend to act this way after having a few too many drinks.

2. Born To Be An Idol

Sometimes, K-Dramas characters just can’t help but sing or dance when they get drunk, as they get absorbed by the music.

3. TMI

Drunk characters sometimes let “secret” information slip out, and it can lead to disaster.

4. Gettin’ Physical

Some characters just start getting physical, such as starting fights when they get drunk.


Falling asleep is quite common for drunk K-Drama characters, which can lead to some hilarious scenes.

6. Talk Talk Talk

Some drunk K-Drama characters just start rambling about random things, which can last for quite some time.

7. Touchy Feely

Being drunk can lead to some adorable moments in K-Dramas, as sometimes characters will get a bit touchy with each other after having a few drinks.

8. Feeeeeelings

When drunk characters in K-Dramas confess their feelings to someone, a lot of times, it’s in comedic ways.

9. “I’m Not Drunk”

The classic “I’m not drunk” character who ends up getting drunk, think that they can drink more, and eventually pass out.

10. Superpowered

There are lots of K-Dramas with characters who have superpowers, but when these characters get drunk, it can lead to some strange moments.

Here’s the full video below!