10+ Unedited Moments Of BTS’s V And Jungkook From The “Dream” Premiere That Show What They Actually Look Like IRL

They are both too gorgeous!

On April 24, BTS‘s V and Jungkook were some of the many celebrities that attended the Dream movie premiere to support Park Seo Joon and soloist IU. Fans were surprised to see the pair at the event and were stunned by their unedited visuals in photos and videos!

Here are 12 moments showing how good they look IRL!

1. Looking gorgeous from the moment they arrived.

Jungkook had a shy moment V helped out with before they went to the photo wall.

2. It seems like Jungkook’s hair is different!

He must have cut it since his last live stream, but he looks so handsome.

3. V is literally glowing!

Drop the skincare routine, please.

4. All smiles for the media photos

They are too cute!

5. Jungkook’s shyness was adorable.

6. V was there to help, though!

This moment has since gone viral.

7. V really took the best care of Jungkook during this event.

8. They made sure to wave to everyone at the event.

9. Completely relate to the two people in awe of them.

It must be surreal to see them up close.

10. They were so excited to see fans.

Many even got to hold V’s hand!

11. Low-quality video…

… high-quality men.

12. Find friends that look at you like how V looks at Jungkook.

Their bond>>


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