10 Most Unforgettable K-Drama Proposals That Will Leave You Screaming Yes, Yes, Yes

That is Y-E-S a thousand times! 💍

One of the main perks of romantic K-Dramas must be the endless pit of dreamy proposals to swoon for. There is nothing more UWU than watching the male and female leads admit their feelings for each other and fall so happily in love. And some of these proposals have become so iconic and simply unforgettable. Here are 10 we picked out to be absolute #goalz.

1. Crash Landing On You (2019)

I’m grateful that you came into my life, like a gift. You asked if we can see each other again by praying and waiting with all our hearts — The answer is yes, you can. I love you.

— Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (Actor Hyun Bin)

2. The Crowned Clown (2019)

They say lovers who walk beneath this tree live happily ever after. Would you like to be my happily ever after? I promise you, I won’t let you down. So promise me this. Promise me that you won’t cry alone ever again. Promise that you’ll share all of the good times and the bad times with me.

— King Lee Hun (Actor Yeo Jin Goo)

3. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)

You said you liked it when I sang the lullaby for you. You said it helped you sleep. Remember? So I’ve decided — I’m going to sing for you for the rest of your life. Please fall asleep next to me every night.

— Lee Young Joon (Actor Park Seo Joon)

4. Mr. Sunshine (2018)

The ring is a symbol to show “This is my wife, the woman I love the most.” Usually, in the West, the man gets on one knee, offers the ring, and asks for the woman’s hand in marriage. If you plan on leaving me to save your country, I know well in my heart that I will choose to be left behind a thousand times. I knew from the moment I saw you, you are the woman who has it in her. Even then, I fell in love with you. So let’s say I’m on my knees. That is my choice.

— Captain Eugene Choi (Actor Lee Byung Hun)

5. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016)

Today feels about right so I tell you this. You are glistening so I tell you this. All my firsts have been with you so I tell you this. On some another fine day, will you please become the bride to this man?

— Kim Shin (Actor Gong Yoo)

6. Descendants of The Sun (2016)

If you’re reading this will, I have failed you and broken your heart again. Don’t ever forgive me. Instead, be happy. Be happy for as long as I have carried you in my heart. I am passionately in love with you. Dead or alive, that is the one thing that won’t ever change for me.

— Seo Dae Young (Actor Jin Goo)

7. My Love From The Stars (2013)

I don’t know how long I can be around you. So maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this. But I am going to try my best. I will try to be by your side as long as I possibly can. And in that indefinite amount of time, I will love you with all my power.

— Do Min Joon (Actor Kim Soo Hyun)

8. A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

I will build you a house like this. Will you live in it with me? No one is going to leave you again. Architects know the responsibilities that come with drawing lines. I have drawn a 130 lines on this blueprint for you. I am committed to your happiness for the next 130 years. Promise me, from now on, live with me. Don’t miss out on a single second of our time. Will you marry me?

— Kim Do Jin (Actor Jang Dong Gun)

9. The Greatest Love (2011)

I fell helplessly, as if I’ve been hypnotized. I lost control, as if I’ve been broken. But this love is everything to me — and I would be okay if it became my last. You are the greatest love that came into my life. I love you.

— Dokgo Jin (Actor Cha Seung Won)

10. Coffee Prince (2007)

I don’t want you to give up on things because you love me. I want you to grow and reach new heights with my support. I understand I can’t live your life for you. But I can stand by you and watch you. That’s all I want… in the future. When you’re making your first kimchi. When you’re holding your first child. When you’re off to your first PTA meeting… Wow, this is so embarrassing. Anyway, call your parents and tell them they have a son-in-law coming.

— Choi Han Gyeol (Actor Gong Yoo)

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