10 Viral THE BOYZ Eric Moments To Celebrate His Return

#4 is famous with fans!

Throughout November of 2022, THE BOYZ have hinted to fans about the eventual return of their youngest member, Eric. Fans everywhere were excited to hear he would be returning soon, but what they didn’t know was that “soon” was a lot sooner than anticipated, and Eric would be rejoining activities ASAP, as he was included on the Fan Con 2022 announcement!

The Boyz

With the announcement of Eric’s return and his activity on social media once again, here are 10 viral Eric moments to enjoy!

1. Getting Into His Own Fan Sign

Once, Eric bought so many copies of THE BOYZ Reveal album that he gained access to the album fan signing! He decided to go along with the joke and had his members sign his album just like the rest of the fans in attendance.

The Boyz Eric

2. This V LIVE Moment

Eric has had plenty of funny V LIVE moments, but this one in particular went viral with fans on Twitter. In the clip, Eric responds to a fans question with “No this is not fried chicken this is…” and paused for a while before finishing with, “fried chicken.” Got it.

3. Chasing A Camera At ISAC… And Being Chased Back!

Arguably Eric’s most famously viral moment was at ISAC 2019 when he chased a robot camera and was subsequently chased back by it! This was all caught on camera by a fan in the audience and gave fans a laugh on social media!

4. “Your Heart” Word Play

Another V LIVE moment, this time featuring Eric, and fellow THE BOYZ members Kevin and Hyunjae. Eric is leaving the livestream when he says “your maeum”. Maeum being the Korean word for Heart. Both Hyunjae and Kevin were puzzled for a moment before Eric clarified that he didn’t say “Your Mom” but rather “Your Heart”!

5. Surprising His Members In Their Dance Class

Two THE BOYZ members, Hyunjae and Q, hosted an online dance class for fans in which they taught them dances to their most popular songs. Their next participant went by the name of “Karson” and to their surprise, “Karson” was actually Eric!

6. Eating His Ramen Without Chewing

This clip went viral among fans due to the way Eric eats his ramen! In the video, you can see Eric swallow a mouthful of noodles in one second, seemingly without shewing. Fans got a kick out of this quirk!

7. Just Enjoying Felix’s Baked Goods

In this video posted to THE BOYZ Twitter account, Eric thanks Stray Kids Felix for the homemade brownies. In the caption of the video, he also mentions Felix was the one behind the camera!

8. This “Break Your Rules” Fancam

This moment went viral for Eric’s visual cuteness that can be seen in his “Break Your Rules” fancam!

9. His Members Taking Care Of Him

In this clip, we can see all of THE BOYZ members caring and doting over Eric!

10. Always Remember, Eric Loves You!

Finishing off with Eric’s iconic catchphrase, “Always remember, Eric loves you!” We are so glad to have Eric back from hiatus!