11 Of The Most Emotional Lyrics Written By B.I.

He won Best Songwriter when he was just 22.

Many fans were crushed by the news of B.I leaving iKON, considering B.I. has been so heavily involved with songwriting, music production and composing. He’s written lyrics, not only for iKON, but also for fellow labelmates BLACKPINK and WINNER, along with former labelmates Lee Hi and PSY.

He has been involved with writing lyrics ever since he was a trainee, as seen in the reality survival competition show WIN: Who Is Next where he was only 17 years old.

His songwriting style has been critically acclaimed by both fans and critics for how emotional and deep his lyrics have been. It is so powerful to the point where people can’t believe that B.I. has never had a girlfriend if he has written such powerful love songs.

B.I has confessed that he is a perfectionist when it comes to songwriting and he draws his inspiration from watching movies or reading literature where he envisions how other people are feeling.

His song lyrics have played a huge role in attracting fans and his songwriting will be dearly missed by many.

#1 – Climax

This song comes at an emotional time when B.I and the rest of Team B were battling against Team A for the chance to make their debut back in Win: Who Is Next.

B.I. raps about the hardships he had to face over the competition and his determination to succeed as leader of Team B

I can only endure the countless burdens and failures right now, in hopes to see the ray of my life
I bet my future, God asks me, “Won’t you regret?” I reply without hesitation, “Why should I regret?”

#2 – Airplane

Coming from their long-awaited debut album Welcome Back, “Airplane” talks about a girl who has to leave her boyfriend even though they clearly doesn’t want to separate.

Stop pretending to be calm,
There are tears in your eyes
I see a sadness like you’ve lost the world
Stay one more day, unpack, Let’s go watch
A movie later, I’m crying right now, please

#3 – Love Scenario

One of the most iconic songs of K-Pop, Love Scenario’s success played a major role in B.I. being awarded “Best Songwriter” at Melon Music Awards 2018.

We were in love
We met and became a memory that can’t be erased
It was a commendable melodrama
A pretty good ending
That’s all I need, I love you

#4 – One and Only

B.I’s solo rap on Return, he honestly confesses his thoughts on songwriting and on being a musician, but this lyric sticks out in highlighting his true passion for music, not for the success.

If I put my life on music charts, I would have never done music

#5 – Just Go

Here, B.I writes a song in the perspective of a boy who feels that his girlfriend would be better off with someone else. B.I perfectly captures how insecure and helpless the boy feels about the situation.

Breaking up is the answer
I don’t know about you but
Each day will be a depressing night for me
You seem much happier without me
Can’t even compare with me

#6 – Killing Me

In this break-up song, B.I takes listeners to what goes on behind the scenes for someone with a broken heart who is trying to get over it, but is frustrated he can’t do so.

Freedom and new relationships
But behind that is an empty heart
On this dark night, I’m alone again
This isn’t right

#7 – Only You

B.I. may be talented at writing break-up songs, but he’s also great at composing love songs. In “Only You”, the mood is ecstatic as a new relationship leads to endless possibilities.

The flowers have bloomed in my dry heart
What’s so pretty about you that I’m thinking about you tonight?
Let’s get older, let’s make money
Let’s enjoy what we should enjoy
I can’t make you big promises
But let’s live together forever

#8 – Goodbye Road

In this break-up song, B.I looks at it through a different perspective where his lyrics convey the sheer sadness and emptiness that follows.

I loved you to death but in the end, I didn’t die.
I take a deep breath but when I let it out, it becomes a sigh.
Everyone goes through breakups so let’s not be sad,
I’ll look for a person who resembles you but not

#9 – Don’t Let Me Know

In “Don’t Let Me Know”, B.I. portrays someone who is trying to move on from a break-up but is hurt that his ex has fallen in love with another person.

Don’t let me know, even if you meet someone
You want to show off, cause you love him so much
I don’t know him, I’m worried if I’ll ever meet
Another person I care about as much as I do for you

#10 – I’m OK

Everyone has told themselves, “I’m OK” when they clearly weren’t.

B.I. illustrates this scenario with his lyrics that convey the feeling of being devastated but trying to deny it.

The meaning of my silence is to wish her happiness
The meaning of my tears is that I truly loved her
Just because she left, doesn’t mean I died
So don’t look at me as if the world ended for me

#11 – Don’t Forget

In this B-side from Return, B.I’s lyrics portray someone who is wondering if those who have left him will appreciate or even remember the happy memories that they had shared.

Feels like our time has stopped
Doesn’t anything last forever in this world?
Even after time, will you remember me
With these faraway traces?
Don’t forget about me

B.I’s songwriting shows that music knows no boundaries when it comes to lyrics; regardless of language or culture, music unites us all in shared emotion and feeling. Fans will continue to treasure B.I’s songwriting and his gift of putting unexplainable feelings into words.