Here Are 11 Girl Groups Who Rocked The Schoolgirl Look

Which girl group did it best?

Whether for an endorsement or for a stage, the schoolgirl look has been done by many different girl groups. One thing for sure though is that it never gets old! Here are some of your favorite girl groups that nailed it.


The 9 members of TWICE have rocked the schoolgirl look on many different stages and also as endorsement models. As SKOOLOOKS models, they paired a classic school uniform vibe with their big, bright smiles and with accents of red and blue. What a cheery look!


The rookie girl group of JYP Entertainment also made it onto this list with these outfits. ITZY is known for their stronger image and they definitely showcase that here as well. They rock the beige colors with matching black converse for a funkier look that contrasts with their JYP unnies.

3. Red Velvet

The red plaid skirt is a classic and how fitting is it for the girls of Red Velvet to rock this look? For a variety show filming, the five girls wore the very classic red plaid skirts paired with matching ties. You can’t forget about the crisp white button ups to complete the look.

4. (G)I-DLE

| Naver

The girl crushes of the K-Pop world definitely made it onto this list with their grunge-y version of the schoolgirl look. Captured in uniforms in a darker palette, (G)I-DLE proved to us yet again, why they are the queens of the girl crush image. They took an overdone concept and turned it into their own.

5. Mamamoo

| Naver

This list wouldn’t be complete without the 4 fun girls of Mamamoo! They wore matching navy blazers, tan vests and pleated skirts to film for a show. To add their own twist, they changed up the socks and shoes for more personality.

6. Lovelyz

| Woolim Entertainment

Just like their group name, Lovelyz went for a very lovely but classic school look for their song “Candy Jelly Love”. What really made this popular look even more classic for these girls were the grey sock and loafer combination. The skirts are also at a longer length which is perfect for their on stage performances!

7. Cherry Bullet

The rookie group to watch for 2020! Cherry Bullet was chosen as school uniform models and they look as cute as ever. Each member wore a different version of the school look but every outfit is vibrant and fun, matching the unique personalities of the individual members.

8. CLC

| Naver

Although each outfit may be different, the group’s look is cohesive as a whole. While fans may be used to stronger girl crush concept, CLC managed to shed their normal image for a much girlier look. They look amazing!

9. GFriend

| Source Music

We all know this list wouldn’t be complete without the girls of GFriend. These girls made their mark in the K-Pop scene by making an impression with their schoolgirl trilogy. Like the experts they are, they paired this popular look with skinny bows and lighter grey hues.


| Daum

The girls of APRIL rock this innocent schoolgirl look with their matching blue hues. Although they’re wearing different outfits, we can all agree that they all look perfectly adorable! They really embodied this look to capture the fullness of their schoolgirl innocence.

11. APink

| Idol World

Last but certainly not least is the veteran girl group knows what they’re doing! APink has been chosen as uniform models many times before and every time, they leave netizens wanting more with their perfect visuals. Putting a colorful spin to it, the girls prove yet again that they can wear anything and still look good.

Source: APink Naeun, TWICE Nayeon (1) and (2) and (G)I-DLE Soojin (1) and (2)