11 Moments That Reveal How BTS’s Jungkook Really Acts When He’s Not Performing

Meet Jungkook: seductive in the sheets, a complete sweetheart in the streets.

ARMYs know how lethal Jungkook is when he performs.

His angelic voice is enough to melt your heart into a big puddle of goo.

His powerful dance moves set the stage on fire and takes the breath away of a million ARMYs worldwide.

Sure, you’ve seen him act when the cameras are all around him, but how does Jungkook really act like when the focus isn’t on him? Here are eleven moments that reveal his true nature.

1. Such a cute cinnamon roll

The way he says “bye” makes you wonder if this is really the guy who showed off his tattoos at BTS‘s recent comeback video, Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima.

2. Clingy to his hyungs

And how could he not be, when he has six older brothers who love, adore and support him?

3. If you needed to brighten up your day

“Greeting Fairy”, indeed.

4. Protect this man at all costs

His parents sure raised him well.

5. Look at how sweetly he smiles at this lucky ARMY

Be right back, saving up for BTS‘s upcoming fanmeet so Jungkook can flash you his brightest smiles, too.

6. ARMYs are proud parents

He didn’t need to do it, but he certainly wanted to help.

7. Such a giver

Maybe Jungkook is blessed with so many talents, skills and awards because he’s such a generous soul?

8. His cute habit

Rocking himself back-and-forth when he’s sitting down is one of Jungkook‘s adorable habits.

It’s a self-soothing habit to relieve anxiety or stress: he does it to calm himself and ARMYs watch him doing it to calm themselves.

9. Always trying his best

Jungkook makes sure to give 110% of himself and every performance, so the way he asks the staff for feedback is extremely sweet and humble of him.

10. Stan shy Jungkook

Beneath Jungkook‘s sexy exterior and nip slips is a fluffy bunny aura.

11. His love for his fans

Jungkook loves and appreciates each and every ARMY — his respect for his fans and his never-ending perseverance to always do his best are living proof of that.

Don’t you think ARMYs are so lucky to have him?