These Are The 11 Scariest And Most Extreme Things That Sasaeng Fans Have Done To K-Pop Idols

These people really can’t call themselves fans after what they did.

Sasaeng fans are fans that go to extreme lengths to be near or get noticed by their favorite idols. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them in the K-Pop fandom, and they often breach idols’ privacy and make them uncomfortable by their actions, such as stalking behaviors or other such disturbing things. The 11 incidents listed here are some of the most extreme things that fans (or anti-fans) have done, though fortunately everyone ended up alright in the end.

1. Nayeon (TWICE)

This is one of the most recent and infamous cases of a sasaeng fan. The fan, named Josh, flew from his home country of Germany to South Korea to meet his favorite idol, Nayeon. While the whole story is complex, he basically went around to pretty much any Korean citizen and would ask them if they knew her. He even went to JYP Entertainment itself and asked if Nayeon was there, and took part in other scary behavior like posting about “hurting someone that didn’t love him back” and even tweeting out Chaeyoung‘s phone number hoping that someone in TWICE would help him connect with Nayeon. The behavior was so extreme that the members of TWICE were under police protection.

2. Eunhye (Baby V.O.X)

During the group’s peak popularity, Eunhye was shot in the eyes by an anti-fan with a water gun filled with a mixture of soy sauce, red peppers, and vinegar. It was assumed that the anti-fan was trying to blind her, but fortunately it only caused minor injuries and Eunhye just briefly had to wear an eye patch over one of her eyes. Incredibly, Eunhyu didn’t want to press charges against the person because her injuries were minor.

3. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

During the 2011 Angel Price Music Festival, a male sasaeng fan somehow managed to get on stage during the middle of the group’s performance and try to kidnap Taeyeon. He grabbed her forcefully and began dragging her offstage, but fortunately Sunny and the MC of the event rushed over to save her. Somehow, however, the fan never got punished for his actions.

4. Jaejoong (JYJ)

One time when Jaejoong was trying to rest in a jjimjilbang, a gender-separated bathhouse, a fan stalked him into the building and took pictures of him while he was napping. She apparently even kissed him in his sleep, violating his right to consent.

5. Yunho (TVXQ)

In 2006, Yunho was at a cafe and given some orange juice by the staff member of the business. Unfortunately, the person wasn’t actually a staff member, but an anti-fan, and they had laced the drink with super glue with an intention to hurt Yunho. He was rushed to the hospital, where he had to stay for a few days to recover from the incident. Incredibly, he ended up forgiving the person and even asked that she not receive jail time because she was young.

6. Miyoun (Baby V.O.X)

When Baby V.O.X and male group H.O.T were in their peak, Baby V.O.X member Miyoun got targeted by sasaengs when she was revealed to be dating H.O.T member Heejoon. She was sent an envelope of razor blades, which she reported to the police, but fortunately she wasn’t hurt.

7. EXO

One time when the EXO members were touring in China, some female fans went to the extreme length to shave their hair off and pretend to be boys and followed the members into the bathroom. They even took pictures while they were inside.

8. Changmin (TVXQ)

TVXQ used to get harassed by fans stalking them, to the point where they were constantly being followed by taxis wherever they went. One time, Changmin was tired of the ordeal and got out of their vehicle to scold a fan, who ended up rolling up her window and crushing his fingers. Fortunately he was alright.

9. Jackson (GOT7)

One time a vehicle that Jackson was in was pursued by a car being driven by a sasaeng fan that was driving so wildly that it ended up causing an accident. Jackson was sadly hurt in the ordeal, and JYP Entertainment even put out a statement condemning the fan and saying that stalking idols’ vehicles is dangerous.

10. Hangeng (former Super Junior)

Hangeng was once given a cake box from a staff member that was passed along from a fan. However, once the box was opened, it was revealed to not only hold a cake, but knives and bags of blood as well, along with a picture of Hangeng that was stabbed. The cake was tested and shown to have a poisonous substance in it as well, but thankfully no one had eaten it.

11. VIXX

One time when VIXX was visiting Kazakhstan, they were on their way to the airport to go back to Korea, but when they arrived and the managers got out of their car, the doors were closed and the driver took off with the members inside. When asked, they were told that they were being taken to a special lounge to wait for their plane to arrive, but it turns out that they were being taken to visit the “country’s princess”, who was a huge VIXX fan, and wanted to meet N, her bias. It turned out she was the president of Kazakhstan’s daughter, and while the members were fortunately fine, it was a frightening situation for everyone.

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