Wild Sasaeng Stories

Wild Sasaeng Stories

A Sasaeng Attacked A Trainee With A Brick Just For Performing With A Famous K-Pop Idol

She never thought a fan would do something like that to her.

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Gets Visibly Upset With Sasaeng’s Phone Calls During A Live Broadcast

He put them in their place!

Police Investigation Reveals More About The Korean Woman Arrested Inside STARSHIP Entertainment Building For Harassing CRAVITY

Here’s how she got in.

EXO’s Baekhyun Has The Perfect Reaction To An Alleged Sasaeng Phone Call

The caller is supposedly an “akgae” of another EXO member.

Fans Demand Better Protection For WayV’s Winwin After New Sasaeng Evidence

New evidence surfaced of the artist being followed and even touched.

Second Generation Idol Kim Jaejoong Reveals The Worst Cases Of Sasaeng Stalking He Experienced For 12 Years

From breaking and entering to harassing and threatening, he went through it all.

Japanese Sasaeng Was Ignored By Her Idols, Gets Plastic Surgery, And Then Sleeps With…Her Idols

She exposed all of their wrongdoings.

Stays Call For JYP Entertainment To Protect Their Artists After Stray Kids’ Seungmin Calls Out Sasaengs

JYP Entertainment, protect your artists.

Flight Attendants Reveal The Extreme Measures Sasaengs Take To Get Close To Idols In Airports

Sasaengs are taking things way too far.

WayV’s Lucas, Kun And Xiaojun Call Out Sasaengs At Their Filming Site

They bravely called out sasaengs.