YouTuber Exposes The Scary Reality Of Sasaengs After Seeing A Fourth-Generation Male Idol Group At The Airport

The shocking POV came from a bystander!

Although the life of a K-Pop idol seems perfect as they are surrounded by fans who have so much love for them, sometimes, this can get out of hand. Sasaengs are known as “fans” who stalks or engage in other behavior that can be seen as an invasion of privacy.

Over the years, idols have had horrifying experiences with sasaengs.

Sasaengs once crowded around Wanna One’s studio and surrounding areas
Super Junior’s Heechul was once followed by a sasaeng when in his car
BTS was in Sweden and were chased by sasaengs after leaving a cafe

Recently, a YouTube channel called Go Twins, which are in Japan, managed to expose the true reality of sasaengs during one of his vlogs.

During the video, the YouTubers were traveling around Japan. At one point, the duo arrived at an airport to go to their next location. As they were filming, they showed off their surroundings at different moments.


The duo then arrived in South Korea.

At one moment, the Go Twins explained that they had seen some people sitting down, adding that they thought they were probably idols. Yet, one comment that stood out was when they explained that a lot of people around them were taking photos.

While entering airports, it isn’t unusual to see idols being photographed, but this normally stops once inside, as fans are usually not allowed to go any further than security.

When zooming in on the crowds, K-Pop fans realized that it was actually a group of “fans” that were just standing around the idols and taking photos. Nobody was saying a word, and they were just surrounding the group, which made many believe they were sasaengs.

As the video got closer to the group, fans noticed it was the fourth-generation boy group Drippin’.

As the members were sitting waiting for their flight, the “fans” around them were just taking photos. Yet, rather than from a safe distance, it was being done from less than a meter away.

Unsurprisingly, the video instantly went viral on TikTok. In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over the lack of privacy the group had, with many adding their anger that the managers or staff weren’t doing anything.

Others pointed out that, to get this far, the fans must’ve also bought plane tickets to get access to the idols. They also shared concerns about how close the sasaengs were.

Although the reality of sasaengs is becoming more known, with idols calling them out regularly, the video shared on YouTube gives a truly unedited version of events.

Source: ゴふたご and @bunnyhyeop

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