11 Times BTS Was In Total Sync With One Another

Their in sync moves are so satisfying to watch!

BTS is known to be such a close-knit family that has spent many years together. They have been there for each other through the good and the bad and it truly shows just how in sync they are with one another. Here are a few examples of how in sync these boys really are.

1. They get up and walk out together in the same way at the same time

2. They are able to make the same pose without planning it beforehand

3. They get up and fix their jeans the same way too

4. 95ers are truly in sync with their movements

5. Even the surprised look on their faces are on point

6. They even fall off the float at the same time

7. They all nod their heads in unison as they follow the ball bouncing around

8. How much more in sync can you get?

9. They move their seats around at the same time too

10. They even celebrate together in the same way

11. The way their laugh when they’re happy is just literally copy and paste status.

Imagine just how much more sync they will be many years down the road!