11 Times BTS’s V Hugged His Members And Made Them Feel Cherished

On a scale of 1 to V, how much do you love the BTS members?

V is one of the most affectionate members of BTS—he isn’t afraid to embrace his members and show them that he loves them. Due to this, ARMYs have the privilege of seeing a lot of interaction between him and the others, and they’re all adorable!

Check them out below!

1. When V hugged a sleeping Jimin

2. When Jungkook attacked V

3. When BTS had a group hug

4. When V and Jimin quickly hugged

5. When Jimin slung his arms around V

6. When V wouldn’t let Jungkook go

7. When V and Jimin slightly embraced

8. When V was the one who attacked Jungkook

9. When V carried Suga

10. When V looked super proud of Suga

11. Finally, when V couldn’t get enough of Jungkook

The friendship between V and the BTS members is simply too cute for words!