11 Times BTS’s J-Hope Showed He Deserves The Title Of “Savage Prince” In BTS

Suga may be the savage king, but J-Hope comes in close second.

It’s a well-known fact that in BTS, the most savage member is Suga but did you know that his partner in the tandem “SOPE” also has a savage bone in his body?


That’s right — we’re talking about J-Hope, a bright and beautiful ball of energy by day, and a savage prince by night.

Here are nine times J-Hope exposed how savage AF he really is!

1. When he’s sorry that RM even exists

Smell that? It’s RM being roasted and J-Hope just smiling through the whole ordeal.

2. That time he called out their managers for feeding them the same food every single day

Bonus: he even told one manager that his jokes aren’t that funny.

3. When he went up against Suga directly

Here’s another J-Hope savage moment with Suga: refusing to answer if he found Suga handsome or not.

4. That time he directly made fun of Jin’s fashion sense

For J-Hope, respect is only given to those who know fashion, regardless of how old they are.

5. When he teased Jin for acting silly

6. That time his serious side came out

Remember when he scolded Jungkook for playing on the water with his complete outfit on?

7. When he took Jimin’s bonnet without a care in the world

He didn’t give a flying fig even when he saw that the members were filming. What he wants, he gets!

8. “Jimin’s no very no fun”

You know you’re a certified ARMY if you can loudly hear this gif.

9. That time he taught V a slightly painful lesson

Listen, kids: yelling at your elders is not always a good idea.

10. His reaction when RM said the members aren’t fluent in English

It’s amazing how his face perfectly said “how dare you?” and “well, that’s true” at the same time.

11. Shutting Suga down with his face

Just when Suga thought J-Hope would agree with him, he gets this look from the group’s dancing machine.