11 Times EXID’s Hani Stunned In The Prettiest Gowns

Hani in gowns is a superior concept!

EXID‘s Hani is known for her gorgeous visuals, amazing talent and wonderful personality, and gives fans the best of her looks when she makes appearances in gowns! Here are 11 times Hani was a visual queen in a beautiful gown, and killed it!

1. Hani in white gowns is a visual feast!


2. Her sexy charms are unreal!


3. Such a top-tier concept!


4. She looks like an ethereal beauty in this gown!


5. Red is definitely her color!


6. But she slays in white too!


7. This pink gown looks amazing on her!


8. Visual queen!


9. She’s gorgeous!


10. This strapless number is beautiful on her!


11. Hani is a beauty in her photoshoots!