Who Proposed First?— EXID Hani’s Fiancé Spills The Details Of Their Engagement

He recently talked about it on a variety show.

Psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong, the fiancé of EXID’s Hani, recently appeared on Channel A’s Cheoljin Talkcumentary- 4 Inyong Siktak and shared some candid details of their relationship.

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Yang Jae Woong | Namu Wiki
Hani | @ahnanihh/Instagram

During the episode, all the guests plan to throw a celebration party for Yang, whose engagement with Hani was reported in May following a pretty public relationship. While enjoying a meal with his close friends, Yang Jae Woong revealed his entire love story, from his first meeting with Hani to the proposal and even their honeymoon plan.

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Yang Jae Woong (left) on Channel A’s “Cheoljin Talkcumentary”

Yang surprisingly revealed that Hani was the one who first proposed to him, admiring her confidence and expressing his affection for his fiancé.

I thought she was so cool and I felt grateful for her proposal. I wanted to be like her and I became more confident (about the marriage decision).

— Yang Jae Woong

Yang Jae Jin, Yang Jae Woong’s older brother, couldn’t hold back his praise for Hani after this revelation. He complimented her personality, saying, “She’s a person who makes you feel good when you meet her.”

Meanwhile, Hani and Yang Jae Woong are reported to tie the knot this Septmeber.


Source: News1


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