11 Times Lee Min Ho Looked Like An Unbelievably Sexy CEO In Perfectly Made Suits And Blazers For Your Ultimate Viewing Pleasure

Lee Min Ho in outfit #8 is the reason why his fans have trouble sleeping at night.

Are you a fan of famous K-Drama actor Lee Min Ho?

Well, if you’ve been a long-time K-Drama watcher, there’s a big possibility that you are, considering that he has starred in several successful series before, such as:

The Legend of the Blue Sea,

The Heirs,

and The King: Eternal Monarch.

And you know what’s the best thing aside from Lee Min Ho himself?

It’s Lee Min Ho wearing amazing suits, of course! Here are 11 gorgeous pictures for your viewing pleasure.

1. Classic all-black outfit for a debonair style

2. Of course, an all-white outfit looks great, too

3. He can pull off any suit color, including dark green

4. Or stylish red, as long as his visuals are still perfect

5. This blue-colored outfit really enhances his jawline

6. For Lee Min Ho, the best accessory to his outfit is always an award

7. What color suits him? The correct question is, what doesn’t?

8. His shades just upgraded his look to a whole new level

9. The look of a royalty fits him well

10. Looking angelic with his trademark smirk

11. There’s a reason why he’s a top-tier actor: he acts well and looks great at the same time

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