Filipino Director Slams K-Dramas For Having “Actors Whiter Than White”, K-Drama Fans Respond With Their Honest Opinions

He also said that local movies are “doomed” because of K-Dramas — so fans responded with their honest opinions.

Are you a K-Drama fan?

If yes, then this must mean that you’re familiar with the ever-popular Crash Landing On You

…or the recent K-Drama hit series Itaewon Class, aren’t you?

After all, these two K-Dramas are included in Netflix‘s “Top 10 Most Viewed Shows” on the famous streaming platform.

Full list includes six K-Dramas out of the ten spots, with Crash Landing On You at top 3 and Itaewon Class at top 4.

Lee Min Ho‘s new drama that was recently released also bagged the top 7 spot, while Park Seo Joon is a Filipino favorite, considering that his other two dramas, Fight For My Way

…and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim are also included in the list.

And even though K-Dramas are rejoicing because of this latest ranking, a certain Filipino filmmaker named Erik Matti turned to Twitter to express his displeasure.

According to the director, these K-Dramas have “faux cinderella stories” and “belofied actors”. The term “belofied” is in reference to one of the biggest cosmetic houses in the Philippines, Belo Medical Group, hence the phrase “whiter than white”.

Naturally, his latest statement on Twitter has been met with mixed reactions. Some K-Drama fans chose to educate the director and even suggested relevant K-Dramas that he can watch.

Other fans responded by telling him about the relevance of K-Dramas when it comes to discussing different issues in society, such as social injustice and discrimination on one’s gender identity.

One fan took things further by giving their honest opinion and telling the director that “actors whiter than white” are also present in the Philippine entertainment scene.

So, we should adjust? Maybe we’re doomed because series in the Philippines don’t adjust. It’s hard to eat food that isn’t to your liking. For your information, “faux cinderella stories with belofied actors whiter than white” are also present in the Philippine entertainment scene.

Finally, one fan dropped the mic when he brought up one of the director’s previous films, Gagamboy, which is pretty much like Spider Man in the Philippine setting.

Did you hear anything from us when you brought us Gagamboy?

At the end of the day, what matters is trying one’s best in making films, instead of spending time criticizing something that Filipinos obviously love — just check out the next article about the struggles of being a Filipino K-Drama fan to prove just how hooked Filipinos are when it comes to K-Dramas!

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