11 Times MAMAMOO’s Solar And Moonbyul Did Skinship With Each Other While Chilling At The Airport

What do you think are they talking about in #8?

MAMAMOO‘s two oldest members, Moonbyul and Solar are such close friends that skinship naturally occurs between them…

…even when they’re just lounging around the airport.

Here are eleven moments when the duo shows MooMoos how close they are by comfortably engaging in skinship behavior.

1. Bare-faced Moonbyul with simple-makeup Solar

2. Solar’s white dress perfectly complements Moonbyul’s dark top

3. The two are polar opposites here: Moonbyul’s all covered up while Solar…isn’t

4. What is personal space?

5. Here you can see Moonbyul trying to cover Solar’s bare shoulders — hence the nickname, “Conservative Byul”

6. Maybe Moonbyul’s too sensitive to the cold, and Solar isn’t?

7. Moonbyul’s printed shirt is balanced out by Solar’s dark top

8. We don’t know what they’re laughing about…

…but it must be hilarious, since Moonbyul had to hold Solar to keep herself steady

9. The pair loves wearing black and white ensembles for a pretty contrasting effect

10. Both look ravishing in red

11. For soft, UWU feels, refer to the picture below

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