11 Times Park Seo Joon Served The Perfect Boyfriend Visuals That Will Melt Your Heart For At Least 5 Minutes

You need to be really close with him to see him do #10, don’t you think?

Ever since Park Seo Joon showed off his charming personality as the perfect boyfriend in his role as an adorable CEO in the show What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

…fans of his have started imagine what would he be like as a real-life version of a handsome life partner.

Would he be a doting boyfriend?

Or would he be a cool boyfriend whose charms always manage to attract you, whatever he wears?

And while you really can’t know for sure what Park Seo Joon is actually like as a boyfriend since you’d need to be personally close with him for that information…

…at least you have these eleven “boyfriend looks” of Seo Joon to tide you over, right?

1. When the Netflix video is taking too long to load, so you end up eating all the chips instead

2. When you go on hiking together

3. When he makes an effort to cook your favorite meal

4. When you go on a vacation, with him as your travel buddy

5. When he saves the last pizza slice for you…

…but you end up ordering another one for take-home purposes, of course.

6. When he picks you up from work

7. When you go on a picnic in the park

8. When you eat dinner after jogging late at night

9. When you tease him about his sweatpants

10. When you film a “skincare routine with my boyfriend” video

11. When you’re having a bad day so he takes you out for a drink

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