Here Are 11 Times NCT’s Jaehyun Proved He Is The Most Wholesome Person

“Jaehyun makes you look again because of his actions.”

NCTzens have come together recently to show some much-needed appreciation for NCT‘s Jaehyun and his kind personality. Since Jaehyun is one of the more laid-back and quiet members of NCT, his warm and polite disposition has been sometimes overlooked in favor of a colder image. But that could not be further from the truth! Here are 11 (out of countless) times that Jaehyun proved he is the most wholesome person.


1. When his room tour included his collection of letters sent to him by fans

Not only does Jaehyun keep his fans’ letters…


…but he has a deep appreciation for them too. He is extremely grateful for what he receives from NCTzens.

2. When he gifted a stylist expensive whiskey

And showed he has expensive taste too!

3. When he showed his support for Doyoung and his musical

Jaehyun not only attended the first show of Marie Antoinette

…but he sent coffee for Doyoung and the 100+ cast and crew members.

4. When he comforted a fan who was having a hard day

When a fan got somewhat teary in the middle of a fan call, Jaehyun did not hesitate to comfort her with a soothing song.

5. When he happily took letters offered by fans

He even gave a kid a high-five!

In fact, during his birthday Instagram live this year he mentioned that his favorite presents to receive are letters.

6. When he sent another food truck to Doyoung, this time for his new K-Drama

Jaehyun never fails to show his support. A clip of Doyoung’s ‘reaction’ to the coffee truck was shown on this month’s NCT NEWS

| NCT/YouTube

…and Doyoung commented on it during a live stream as well, saying he had felt particularly grateful when Jaehyun sent it.

But Doyoung isn’t the only one who’s received coffee from Jaehyun. Sungchan and the members of NCT DREAM were also treated to a congratulatory coffee on special occasions!

7. When he had the most wholesome definition of ‘beautiful’

In Jaehyun’s Beautiful Moments of 2021 and Beyond he explained that he thinks being honest and accepting of oneself is what makes one beautiful.

| NCT/YouTube 

8. When he consistently showed his concern for people

Not only is Jaehyun always ready to protect his members…

…but he is always there for NCTzens too.

9. When he showed how unfailingly polite he is

Fans have pointed out that Jaehyun never fails to make the polite gesture when receiving something or when shaking someone’s hand.

Additionally, a staff member at the 2016 Asia Song Festival revealed that, out of all the idols they had ever seen (which is a lot), Jaehyun stood out to them because of his polite manners.

Jaehyun doesn’t greet the staff just to look good to them. I think he is really thankful to the staff for their efforts and respects them for it. When leaving, he also continued to bow to each staff and thank them for their work (the only idol I saw doing this was Jaehyun). Due to the nature of my work, I’m used to seeing good-looking kids all over the place but Jaehyun makes you look again because of his actions.

ㅡ Staff

10. When he couldn’t hold the mic because he thought he would cry

When NCT 127 won their first grand prize, Jaehyun said he was so emotional that he was scared to hold the mic.

11. When a journalist revealed just how kind he is in real life

A journalist who has personally worked with Jaehyun and NCT 127 claimed that Jaehyun is soft-spoken, but incredibly kind. In fact, much like the staff member at the 2016 Asia Song Festival, she also claimed that he is “the most polite talent” she has ever worked with.

Not only that, but recently she also stated that Jaehyun truly, genuinely loves his fans.