NCT’s Jaehyun Comforted A Fan Who Was Having A Hard Day In The Sweetest Way Possible

“Who is the sweetest person and why is it Jeong Jaehyun?”

A fan had a touching experience when, in the middle of a fan call with NCT‘s Jaehyun, they found themselves getting emotional due to the hard day they were having—and Jaehyun comforted them in the sweetest way possible.

| @nct/Instagram

The fan was reportedly an aviation student, and, impressively, they had decided to have the call with Jaehyun while flying a plane.

But when the call connected, they found themselves getting emotional, since it had been a difficult day for them. Although the fan had not asked him to sing, Jaehyun saw that they were emotional, so he sang “You Are My Sunshine” to help soothe and comfort them.

NCTzens found the incident extremely touching, as it proves just how sweet Jaehyun is despite his more restrained demeanor.

As a matter of fact, a journalist who has worked with NCT and Jaehyun recently spoke up to confirm that he is a really sweet person who truly loves his fans. And his reaction to the crying fan during the call certainly proves that!

He is a wonderful and sweet human, not to mention beyond talented and genuinely LOVES his fans. He truly deserves the most and it’s a joy being his fan and supporting his career.

—Azadeh Valanejad (@azaxdeh) February 9, 2022

Jaehyun did his best to make fans happy even on his own birthday…

…but it did not go unnoticed.

NCTzens know that Jaehyun has always been someone they can find comfort in…

…and he even hinted that he’s thinking of a way to thank fans for all their support.

Of course, fans can only hope this means we get a solo project from him soon, something that is already highly anticipated from NCT’s new NCT LAB. Thank you, Jaehyun, for being the kind and thoughtful person that you are! We hope he had a great time on his birthday!