SM Entertainment’s “NCT LAB” Will Let NCT Members Release Their Own Original Work — And Here Are 10 NCT Projects That NCTzens Are Already Looking Forward To

The possibilities are endless!

On January 28 SM Entertainment officially announced their new project, NCT LAB, which will be a project similar to SM Station that will give all the members of NCT the opportunity to release their own original projects, whether as soloists or as different units.

| @nct/Instagram

This is an incredibly exciting announcement for NCTzens, as the project will allow the members to showcase their talents, personal style, and new exciting unit combinations that would otherwise be unlikely to be seen.

Mark Lee‘s highly anticipated solo debut, “Child,” which will be released on February 4, will kick off the project. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are 10 NCT projects that NCTzens are most looking forward to from NCT LAB.


1. Jaehyun’s “Lost”

Jaehyun performing “Lost” at Neo City: Seoul – The Link | @Kpop_Herald/Twitter

Jaehyun’s self-composed song “Lost” is one of the most highly anticipated on this list, and for good reason. His performance, which he helped direct, was a standout during NCT 127‘s Neo City: Seoul – The Link concert in December 2021.

2. Kun’s Compositions

Kun in NCT 24 Hour Relay Cam | NCT/YouTube

Kun is a prolific producer and composer, which is why fans have felt for a long time that he really deserves the chance to release his own music and show off what he can do. NCT LAB will provide the perfect opportunity, so everyone can finally recognize Kun’s prodigious talent!

3. Haechan Solo

Haechan has been open about his desire to release his own solo music, and given his unique sound, his glowing charisma and total main character vibes, one can’t help but feel like a Haechan solo is simply not optional for NCT LAB.

Especially after the glimpse fans got into his work when he and Taeil performed a song he composed with producer DEEZ at the NCT 127 concert in December 2021.

4. ’00-liner Unit

NCT’s ’00-liners in NCT World | Mnet K-POP/YouTube

There are many units that fans are looking forward to seeing on NCT LAB (such as the ‘J Unit’ of members with ‘J’ in their names), but one particularly sought after combination is the ’00-liner unit, which consists of Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, Renjun, Shotaro, and YangYang.

5. Taeil Solo

NCT127 24hr Relay Cam | NCT DAILY/YouTube

NCT’s legendary vocalist, Taeil, more than deserves to show off what he can do. He is not only one of the most prominent vocalists in the industry, but he is also very conscious of his own style, which is something that fans haven’t gotten to see much of yet. While it would be amazing to see him sing a ballad or two, it will also be great to see him do something within the genres he’s so passionate about, such as R&B, hip-hop, and EDM.

6. Renjun Solo

Renjun in a live performance of “Good Night” | NCT/YouTube

Like Taeil, Renjun is an incredible vocalist whom fans can’t wait to see release his own projects. With his soulful voice, Renjun has been a member of some incredible vocal units in NCT that produced iconic songs such as “My Everything” from the 2020 Resonance album and “Good Night” from Universe. We definitely can’t wait to see what his original work will sound like!

7. Winwin Solo

SM_NCT# 3. 7th Sense | SMTOWN/YouTube

Winwin is perhaps one of the more underappreciated members in NCT, despite his charm and talent. Originally, Winwin trained in classical Chinese dance, so it would be amazing to see him show off his unique dancing style once again. Fans got a glimpse of his abilities when he and Ten did a contemporary dance choreography to Billie Eilish‘s “lovely,” and it’s safe to say it definitively left us wanting more.

8. Yuta Japanese Project

| @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

Yuta is an incredibly magnetic performer, so a solo project by him is bound to be absolutely captivating. This is something that he proved when he showcased his self-composed song “Butterfly” at the NCT 127 concert in Seoul in December 2021—and left everyone shook.

Now, Yuta is one of the most highly anticipated members on this list!

9. Xiaojun Solo

Xiaojun covering “Who Are You” by Sam Kim | WayV/YouTube

Xiaojun is one of the powerhouse vocalists of NCT, and after teasing his solo work previously, fans are now definitely waiting for a Xioajun solo to bless us with his vocals. We know he is more than up to the task, since he has given us impressive covers of some iconic classics before, such as EXO‘s “For Life” and Sam Kim‘s “Who Are You.”

10. Jaemin Solo

Jaemin in “Boom” | NCT DREAM/YouTube

As the visual center of NCT DREAM, Jaemin has more than proved his talent and charisma over the years. His versatility as a performer also means it is easy to imagine him doing various different kinds of songs, so an original work by him is sure to be creative and fun!

Source: Naver