NCT 127 Thinks That Jaehyun Is The Group’s All Rounder, And Here Are 10 Sexy Reasons Why They Are Absolutely Right

Is there anything he can’t pull off?

NCT‘s Jaehyun has often been considered one of K-Pop’s most prominent all rounders, who are idols with considerable talent in more than one area. The members of NCT 127 themselves have appointed him as the group’s all rounder, and it’s not hard to see why. Jaehyun has steadily and consistently proved himself to be extremely talented at multiple disciplines. But perhaps what makes that particularly notable is how quietly humble he is about it! Here are 10 reasons why Jaehyun truly lives up to the title of NCT 127’s all rounder.


1. Vocals

Jaehyun’s vocals are no joke. He can cover everything from deep tones…

…to impressively high falsettos.

He has a very unique, sultry voice, and he definitely puts it to good use! He knows his style, and his self-composed songs and other solo projects really let his vocal talent shine, as you can see in this live performance of “Try Again.”

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s a thread of some of Jaehyun’s best vocal moments over the years to persuade you!

2. Dancing

This one definitely won’t come as a surprise since dancing skills are a must for idols. Jaehyun has proved himself multiple times on this front, most recently by posting a great dance cover to his Instagram story that made waves among NCTzens.

And if there was only one thing that could single-handedly prove Jaehyun’s skills as a dancer (and a rapper!) it would be the time he substituted for Taeyong when he was injured—and stepped into the role of main dancer and main rapper with all the ease in the world.

3. Rapping

Jaehyun is one of those idols who initially trained for a different position than what they ended up debuting with. While he is a stellar vocalist, he actually trained to be a rapper before debut, and his rapping skills have not gone unnoticed. For one, he was a standout in NCT 127’s now iconic B-side “Lemonade”…

…while also making fans week with his ultra-low voice in “Bring The Noize.”

When discussing how Jaehyun made changes to his iconic part in that song, his members easily agreed that Jaehyun is, in fact, the group’s all rounder.

4. Composing

As a big group with 23 members, NCT naturally contains many talented lyricists and composers who are very much involved in the production process. NCT 127’s concert in Seoul in December 2021 gave each of the members the chance to show off their solo works, and Jaehyun’s self-composed “Lost” left a big impression with its soulful sound.

Additionally, Jaehyun’s “Dancing In The Rain” was featured in NCT’s Resonance, which is one of the biggest NCT projects to date. Yuta adorably reminded fans of this fact once…

…and with Jaehyun explaining his inspiration for it, the song is easily identifiable as his signature jazzy R&B style.

5. Modelling

Model Jaehyun is a fan-favorite…

…and his recent partnership with Prada has had fans very excited.

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

6. Personality on point

Jaehyun is one of the more low-key personalities in the group, with fans affectionately referring to him as the ‘Unbothered King.’ But he is also hilariously competitive.

And perhaps more importantly, he’s also incredibly kind and considerate, as staff members and a coffee shop owner once revealed when they said that Jaehyun stood out to them among other idols with his unfailing politeness. Additionally, Jaehyun melted fans’ hearts when a recent interview revealed just how humble and unassuming he is…

…as well as how much he was emotionally affected when NCT 127 won their first grand prize at the Seoul Music Awards in January 2022.

7. Acting

Although fans haven’t been able to see his work as an actor yet due to the postponing of his debut drama and the unfortunate cancellation of a project he was cast in, the fact still remains that Jaehyun has a professional acting career among his many other accomplishments as an artist. And as Mark revealed in his hilarious ‘Mark Awards’ video, Jaehyun worked really hard as an actor.

| NCT/YouTube

Hopefully we get to see actor Jaehyun soon!

8. Creative director?

A recent fansign event revealed that Jaehyun had participated in designing and choreographing the stage for his self-composed song “Lost.” This shows just how much attention Jaehyun pays to everything he does as an artist!

Yes, as I talked to the director, I wanted [the performance] to feel like my room as much as possible. For that song, even when I was thinking of the lyrics, it came from the comfort of my room so I wanted [fans] to be able to really feel that same energy. That’s the direction we took, and we even thought of other elements like the shadows depicting love. That’s how we made the LOST stage.

— Jaehyun

9. Strength/Athleticism

Jaehyun is known as one of the strongest members of NCT…


…which some fans have affectionately called the ‘power line.’

Fans had a good laugh when NCT 127 played a wild game of tug-of-war…and got to watch Jungwoo struggle against Jaehyun and his team…

| MMTG/YouTube

…and then be impressed when he easily passed the ‘Super Human’ challenge.

10. Visuals

Last, but far from being least, Jaehyun is universally acknowledged as a visual king.

| SMTOWN/Youtube

He always looks good no matter what…

…but it certainly never hurts to see him suited up!

| @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram